Personalised Piano Class

An author of short stories and children books, Maria Cristina Mena once said: The piano keys are black and white, but they sound like million colours in your mind. That is how incredible a piano can be. There are a lot of articles on how your children can benefit from piano lesson. Go ahead and do some reading if you still having some doubt if you should squeeze piano lesson in your child’s fully packed schedule.

Here are some articles about the benefit of piano lesson you can read:

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5 Reasons Your Child Should Take Piano Lessons

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Article written by Olivia Groves, a content strategist, writer entrepreneurially-minded thinker and artisan. Article published on, a piano restoration place.

10 Benefits of Learning Piano

10 Benefits of Learning Piano

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Piano Class in Little Play Space

We think learning music should be fun and stress-free. Therefore, we do not teach the students so they can sit for every piano examination. Instead, we are trying our best to create more performance opportunities so they can gain confidences in their playing and parents will get to learn the progress of their children at the same time. We make sure the teachers constantly communicate with the parents so we can help the students in the class room as well as at their own home. Here are some other things you might wanna know about our piano classes:

How we teach​​​ Piano

You will be learning the piano in a one-to-one setting, so that you get personalised lesson plans and concentrated attention.

Youngest beginning age

Piano Practical: 6 years and above
Theory: Reading age​

Piano Class Syllabus

You can choose between the theory, aural (listening and singing), practical lessons based on ABRSM graded syllabus or play leisurely.​

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Frequently asked questions

Do we need to go thru audition before signing up the course?

Audition will be required by transferred students or children below 6 years old.

Can I pick the teacher?

No. We will assign the most suitable teacher based on your available time, character, enthusiasm, as well as specific needs or requirements.

Do I need to have a piano at home?

It is crucial that you practice on a regular basis. However, if you planned to buy a piano later, you may use any of our available studio for your own practise.

Do I need to pay extra for using the studio other than my weekly classes?

No. As long as you are attending a piano class, you may just call in or email in to ask for the availability of the studio for your own practice.

Fees Structure

GradePractical (RM)Theory (RM)Total (RM)Duration
Pre Beginner1101012030 mins
Beginner1151513045 mins
11202014045 mins
21303016045 mins
3140401801 hr
4155452001 hr
5175502251 hr
6200702701 hr 30 mins
7220752951 hr 30 mins
8250803301 hr 45 mins

Fees are collected in a termly basic. Registration Fee RM100

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